Astraea Lesbian Justice Foundation announces Global Arts Fund

astraeaNew York, NY, May 13, 2013—We believe arts and cultural expression is a necessary and extraordinary tool for social change. This month, we launch our new Global Arts Fund with the goal to support, showcase, and connect impactful art by LGBTQI people and organizations with limited access to resources, who use art as a tool for social transformation. In an endeavor to support the arts across mediums and disciplines, the fund will consider submissions in all artistic expressions: video, film, poetry, fictional prose, photography, painting, performance, dance, theater, music and any interdisciplinary expressions.

The theme for this year’s Global Arts Fund is migration, transit, and movement experienced by marginalized LGBTQI communities in the U.S. and Global East and Global South in the face of exploitations wrought by globalization, imperialism, and neocolonialism. Through a nomination process led by our current U.S. and International grantee partners, we will invite 4 to 10 Global Arts Fund grantees to apply over the coming months. We look forward to this exciting initiative to deepen our commitment to the arts and arts activism.  For more information, click here.

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